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About BabagaNewz

Behrman House is introducing an enhanced and expanded version of the Babaganewz website and searchable resource libraries. It will offer a growing, carefully curated collection of resources specifically for the Jewish classroom. The collection will continue to include a wide array of free articles, games, ecards, and videos, and will offer lesson plans and other multi-media resources for a fee. This mix will allow Babaganewz to take crucial steps toward self-sustainability, and thereby continue to create the valuable classroom materials Jewish educators have counted on for the past twelve years, through the generous support of the AVI CHAI Foundation.

Babaganewz develops innovative, multi-media educational materials for Jewish middle school students and teachers. These materials are designed to help anyone understand the values that form the core of Jewish beliefs and practices.

Babaganewz encourages young people to explore Jewish values, traditions, life-cycle events, holidays, and Israel, from perspectives that are novel, hip, fun, thought-provoking, exciting and that will encourage them to continue these explorations with the full power of their imaginations and reflections.

Through its lesson plans and other support materials Babaganewz makes it easy for teachers to prepare engaging activities and stimulate discussions that get students thinking.