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Do You Know Your Seder Plate?

Enjoy this game and watch the Seder plate mini-movie to meet all the items!

Po (Here) or Sham (There) ?

Po (Here) or Sham (There) ? Can you tell which famous landmarks are from Israel (Po פה) or from elsewhere (Sham שם) ? Get your game on and find out!

Do You Know Your Berakhot?

Do you know your berakhot? You will after playing this game!

Zionist Heroes

How many Zionist heroes can you identify? Check out this game to find out!

Jewish Truth and a Lie - Supreme Court edition

Think you can tell the difference between a Jewish truth and a lie in this special Supreme Court Edition of Jewish Truth and a Lie?

Jewish Truths & a Lie

Let’s see how good you are at telling a Jewish Truth from a lie!

Jewish Custom or Bubbie Meisa?

See if you can tell the difference between our list of some crazy Jewish customs and some silly made-up ones we call Bubbie Meisas we might have thrown in.

Is It Kosher?

Think you know which animals are kosher to eat? Think again! We're sure to surprise you with our fun list of animals which may or may not be kosher to eat.

Totally Unreasonable Jewish Quiz

We dare you to take this quiz!
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