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NanoBob's Rescue Adventure

Help NanoBob navigate the mazes inside the computer to help your friend out of a tight spot. Avoid obstacles like lasers and viruses!

Holli Days Putt-Putt World

Putt your way through the Jewish holidays with our mini-golf game.


Learn about the Seder plate and the 10 Plagues while you do battle with some awesome “breakout” arcade action.

Bubbie's Bubble Adventure

Join Bubbie on her underwater quest to collect matzah balls and avoid the gefilte fish.

Dreidel 6000

Play dreidel in outer space with up to three opponents whether they be your friends or computer players!

High Holiday Raceway

Power your car through knowledge of the High Holidays.

Sequence With Ari Theryet

Flex your knowledge of Jewish events and arcade action skills to help Ari repair his ship and return home!
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